Moving requires patience, stamina, and planning. It’s a tedious experience for many, and for others, it is the cause of pain, cramps, and injury. Moving is a serious physical strain, and proper moving technique is necessary if you want to avoid seriously hurting yourself during your move.  Moving will always be tiring and strenuous. However,… Read More

Packing your dining room can take some extra care because there is usually some vulnerable and fragile items in the room, such as china and glassware. Wrap each piece of china in an individual piece of clean wrapping paper. For extra padding use a piece of newspaper to wrap around the clean piece of wrapping… Read More

Before hiring a moving company, it’s helpful to know some of the lingo that will be used by the movers so that you know how to communicate your needs and wants. Here are a few common terms used by movers: Appliance dolly: A dolly which is specifically used for moving large appliances. Bill of lading:… Read More

Hiring a moving company makes the entire moving experience easier, less stressful, and more convenient. We have helped countless individuals, families, and businesses make the relocation to a new place. Finding the right moving company makes the entire experience easy and enjoyable. Here are a few things you should look out for when you hire a… Read More

Like many things in life, moving is easier with preparation. The more prepared you are for moving, the easier it will be. While it is never too early to prepare for moving, especially if it is a full house move, one month out is a good time to start with some simple steps for preparation.… Read More

Moving with animals makes the whole process more difficult. However, you can make the move easy with preparation. When moving with pets, it is a good idea to get prepared ahead of time with a few essential items.  First, a good practice is to get a report of health from your veterinarian before moving. In… Read More

All of your kitchen appliances and electronics require special care when moving. Your refrigerator takes special attention when moving because of electric and water connections.  First step will of course be removing everything from the fridge and freezer. In the weeks leading up to your move, you should be clearing out your fridge by eating… Read More

Moving to a new climate can be a big change for many people, and sometimes requires a whole new wardrobe and mindset. Here are a few tips for being ready for the new climate before you get there. Prepare to have space in your budget for necessary items for survival in the new climate. Moving to Florida?… Read More

Everyone is bound to make mistakes on moving day, even if they hire a professional like Bee’s Moving. Here are a few of the mistakes we see most often: Forgetting to cancel or set up utilities. Leaving utilities on at your old place is just a waste of money that you can’t get back. Make… Read More

Moving is stressful, we all know that. Hiring a moving company helps greatly to make the move easier, but there are a few things that you can do to help on your end too. Don’t bury the things you’ll need on the first day in the new house. Keep all of your essential items like… Read More