Moving to a new climate can be a big change for many people, and sometimes requires a whole new wardrobe and mindset. Here are a few tips for being ready for the new climate before you get there.

  • Prepare to have space in your budget for necessary items for survival in the new climate. Moving to Florida? You’ll want to make sure your new house or apartment has central air. If not, you’ll want to have money ready to buy a new air conditioner. Moving up to New England? You might want to allocate some room in the budget for a snow blower and a space heater. 
  • Think about what time of the year you’re moving. If you’re moving from L.A. to Boston, for example, it could be easy to schedule your move in January without thinking about what it’ll look like trying to move in a New England winter. Be aware of the conditions of both where you’re going, and you’re coming from. 
  • Do some research beyond the obvious. Put in the time to figure out just exactly what to expect in your new location. Assuming you know at least someone in the new place, this shouldn’t be that difficult. Maybe you’re moving to Arizona, of course you know it will be hot. But just what should you expect from nights in the desert? What about dry heat? How should you prepare for the complexities of different climates?
  • The simplest way to prepare for a new climate: Prepare your wardrobe ahead of time. Allow for some flexibility, but make sure you at least have the basic clothes for a new area before you move.

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