Moving is stressful, we all know that. Hiring a moving company helps greatly to make the move easier, but there are a few things that you can do to help on your end too.

  1. Don’t bury the things you’ll need on the first day in the new house. Keep all of your essential items like toiletries and bedding in a separate labeled box that you can easily access.
  2. Have a yard sale. As you start to pack for your move, you’ll probably realize you had way more stuff than you thought you did. Have a moving sale to trim away the unnecessary items you’ve collected over the years to make your move a lot lighter.
  3. Label everything. Make sure that fragile items are labeled. Any boxes that are filled with stuff for just one room should be labeled with the room. Also label your fragile items with an arrow pointing towards the side that should be up.
  4. Remove light bulbs from lamps! This is a simple one but we’ve seen people forget it, and it makes a big mess.
  5. Start packing several weeks ahead of time. Figure out what you won’t need and pack those items first.

And finally, for help with all the heavy lifting, contact Bee’s Moving at (857)540-9283.

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