Moving requires patience, stamina, and planning. It’s a tedious experience for many, and for others, it is the cause of pain, cramps, and injury. Moving is a serious physical strain, and proper moving technique is necessary if you want to avoid seriously hurting yourself during your move. 

Moving will always be tiring and strenuous. However, if you follow these tips you will avoid hurting yourself badly:

  • Lift with your legs: The classic advice that applies to moving almost anything is “life with your legs, not with your back”. Your legs are the strongest muscle in your body, and do not get fatigued as fast as the rest of your muscles. 
  • Don’t lift boxes over your head: Lifting over your head causes unnecessary stress on your body and will tire you out much faster than regular lifting.
  • Keep boxes and items close to your body: Whatever you are lifting, keep it close to your body. This will help you keep the item secure. Also, trying to lift something away from your body puts more strain on your arms and shoulders than is truly necessary. 
  • Use good shoes, preferably sneakers or boots. Wearing sandals or other flimsy shoes could cause you to trip or lose your footing, increasing the chances that you will slip and hurt your self. 
  • Use gloves with grips that help you hold onto items more securely. This will help you grip onto items that don’t have a good place to hold, and will prevent you hurting your hands.


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