Packing your dining room can take some extra care because there is usually some vulnerable and fragile items in the room, such as china and glassware.

Wrap each piece of china in an individual piece of clean wrapping paper. For extra padding use a piece of newspaper to wrap around the clean piece of wrapping paper. Use cushioning in the box you pack into to add extra protection. Put cushioning in the bottom of box especially. Always label that box as fragile and even label it china right away so that you know to take care of that particular box while moving.

You should also wrap china cups separately. China cups should be packed upside down which gives them the best amount of support. You can also use a cup divider inside the box you are packing in. However, it is still recommended to wrap each cup in clean wrapping paper.

For glass table tops and mirrors, we may be able to provide custom cartons for safe transport. There are also moving crates available at stores like Office Depot for large mirrors or glass tops. The dining room table can be shrink wrapped for easy transport. You can use cardboard to protect the corners of the tables for additional protection.

Take care when packing your dining room because of the fragile items contained within.

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