Moving with animals makes the whole process more difficult. However, you can make the move easy with preparation. When moving with pets, it is a good idea to get prepared ahead of time with a few essential items. 

First, a good practice is to get a report of health from your veterinarian before moving. In case of any medical emergency, you can give the report to a vet in your new area. 

For small dogs and cats, you should use a crate to make travel easier. If you are driving, this is essential. You can keep your pet secure, and easily get them out of the crate whenever you think they need to relieve themselves. 

Pack water, food, and a bowl so that you can keep your pet nourished throughout the ride. Bring some extra snacks as well to reward good behavior. 

When you get to your new home, a good way to help your pet adjust to the new environment is to let them explore the house room by room. Limit your pet to just one room at first, gradually exposing them to other rooms over a couple days. This way, your pet can get an idea of the new area. 


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