Like many things in life, moving is easier with preparation. The more prepared you are for moving, the easier it will be. While it is never too early to prepare for moving, especially if it is a full house move, one month out is a good time to start with some simple steps for preparation.

If you’ve been in one place for many years, you’d be surprised how much stuff you’ve collected without getting rid of anything. Starting weeks before you move, you should really take inventory of all the stuff you’ve collected and purge the unnecessary. While that dancing, singing Dean Martin doll seemed like a great addition to the living room a few years ago, it might be time to put the “King of Cool” to rest. Every item you bring along during your move will make everything that much harder, so pick and choose wisely.

Research moving companies and book your movers early. Do your research and find out who you want to hire for a moving service well in advance of your move. During the busy season we have tight schedules and book our services fast. No point in dragging your feet when you can have us schedule weeks in advance. 

Notify the necessary parties. Give notice to your landlord of your move, and that you will not be renewing your lease. They will appreciate that they are given ample notice and will give you a good recommendation in the future. When moving, you’ll also want to notify your utilities that you will be transferring services. 

Moving day comes faster than you expect. It’s never quite too early to start packing. While a month can seem to early to start boxing stuff away, just think about what you won’t be needing for the next few weeks. Are you moving in the summer? Pack up all of your winter clothes and jackets. Start packing away those kitchen appliances you hardly ever use anyways (if you haven’t thrown them out or sold them). This will just make packing in the week or two leading up to your move that much easier. 

We are dedicated to fast and efficient moving services. To schedule a move this spring or summer with Bee’s Moving, contact us today or call us at 857-540-9283.

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